Euro-Profile Lock Snapping Alert

Concerns have been raised by Police & Neighbour Watch relating to the vulnerability of Euro cylinder style locks used mainly on UPVC doors. Did you know an intruder can gain entry to your home in as little as 15 seconds as the majority of doors could have one of these vulnerable locks? The way the intruder gains entry is by using a ‘lock snapping’ method.

What is "lock snapping"?

As the title would suggest, this is where the lock cylinder is literally snapped in two by applying force to the cylinder. Thieves have devised methods of snapping these types of cylinder locks in a matter of seconds and can still be able to operate the lock to open the door.

How can you reduce the risk of being targeted for lock snapping?

This threat can be considerably reduced simply by upgrading the cylinder to one that is specifically designed to prevent this method of attack. Lock Stock Lock Smiths offer a solution to this increasing problem by fitting a Yale anti snap euro cylinder.

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